July 21st: Data & Information


blog prompt:

Based on the readings (and videos) above, do you think that big data and data analytics introduce real threats to human culture or do they promise revolutionary changes that will ultimately benefit human life? What can we do to ensure that our digital technologies work to improve human and nonhuman lives?

video lecture:

Final Project:

Groups for peer reading final projects: created in Slack

DUE: Friday  July 31st

OPTION #1: Compose a 1500-3000 word multimedia (images and/or video) essay on any topic that relates to digital technology and culture. The essay must meet the following criteria:

  • unlike the “mosaic probe” the writing must make a specific argument about digital effects on culture and relate the ideas/works we have discussed in class
  • the text must integrate at least two main topics from the class modules (reproduction/remediation, for example)
  • meaningfully quote from at least 2 of the class readings
  • spelling and grammar checked
  • include a notes section where you properly source any text, image, video, or sound file that is not your own


  • an analysis of a work of digital art or electronic literature
  • an analysis of an app or genre of app
  • an analysis of social media platform or app
  • an analysis of digital media used in political or ad campaigns
  • a comparison of two works in which one remediates another

OPTION #2: Create a creative, essayistic digital work (video, website, slideshow or Twine game) that integrates media (text, images, audio, video, etc.) and reflects on any topic or issue discussed in class. The text must integrate at least two main topics from the class modules (reproduction/remediation, for example). Include a 500-1000 artist statement about the creative work and how it relates to the class modules and discussions.




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