Final Project

Hey everyone,

Here is the link to my Final Project. I unfortunately didn’t account for server delays when playing videos, so the edits are very choppy and not the intended outcome. Playing the game through the file loads much better. I have uploaded the file into Slack as well. Despite this drawback, I have my artist’s statement:

This project was extremely fun to make. I combined hypermedia with video to create a narrative through Twine. The story follows roughly the same premise I had for the video anecdote project we did a few weeks back. I enjoyed learning twine while also working on my film making skills. I was inspired by many works throughout our time in this course, notable mentions include the Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge in terms of cinematography and lack of dialogue. I was also heavily inspired by the various Twine stories we looked at and their creative use of the software. I intend to tweak this work over the summer and into the future to correct the issues that arose during its upload. Overall, I am happy with the end result and hope the narrative comes across well.

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