WEEK 5: Color, Imagery, Type, Layout (February 15-19)

To Do This Week

FreeCodeCamp: Basic CSS, begin Applied Visual Design

Video Lectures

Pod Mini-Project #2

Download this zip folder: Mr. Potatohead 

With your group, put together the broken potatohead using “absolute” positioning. 

Make sure you each upload the index.html file inside a “miniproject-2″ folder and check your name to see that the project shows up.

DTC 355 01 Mini-Projects

Zoom Class

Replacing files > browser refresh, delete cache
Blackbird Project – styles, color, layout, images
Positioning: relative, fixed, absolute
Mini-project-2 – potatohead positioning


Blackbird Projects Due: Friday FEB 26 (by midnight)

Blackbird Projects List – Spring 2021

Validate the html and css of your Blackbird site:
Validator.w3.org  / or use Web Developer extension for Chrome


Web Color

Working with Web Colors:
Adobe Kuler  (also in PS)

web color values: RGB, 0- 255
HSL color picker

CSS Layout
Box Model– float

CSS Positioning –
position: fixed; (move element from sides of browser window)
position: relative; (move element from sides of itself)
position: absolute; (move element from sides of positioned parent)