Presentations and Game Changers

On Wednesday we will start with the four student presentations on the chapters in our book. Then we will work through the planning for the exhibit:

Design: We will review the color palette of the space and make sure all of the elements we introduce works within the constraints of the existing color palette of the room

Layout: We will name the rooms and sections so that we have a common language with which to refer to them in our materials and to visitors

Signage: We will check the didatics in order to ensure we have all that we need for helping visitors to the exhibit

Operations: We will go over the set up of the exhibit, including painting and touch up of walls and pedestals, moving equipment to space, food and beverages available to visitors, tech support, internet connection and imaging computers

Promotion: We will review the promotional plan, including social media campaign, contact with CMDC supporters (alums and organizations), website update, and media contact

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