Next Steps

We are but a short time away from launching the Game Changers exhibit. I am trying to finalize plans for your site visit to Terminal One for tomorrow, February 16. In the meantime, here are tasks that need to get done:

  1. Finalize all signage and get drafts to me. I need to approve them and then send them on for approval by the Port of Vancouver, which oversees Terminal One.
  2. Identify tables that Terminal One is lending us for the exhibit and move them into our space. They will need to be cleaned up and covered. We need to decide how best to make them look good for the show and have them fit with our aesthetic
  3. Find out if Terminal One has a stage that we can use. If not, we need to rent one. The Operations team can go online and find potential stages and get me the information.
  4. Finish the catalog. This means that all homework relating to the games you have been assigned needs to be completed and completed at a high level of performance. We cannot make a catalog if the information is incorrect or poorly written.
  5. We need an aesthetic for the show. To date, I have not seen one. Obviously our color scheme is driven by our website, but how will these colors work in the space? What other elements can we add to make the space fit our vision? Have some fun with this idea. Be creative!
  6. Speaking of space, the space will need to be punched up. We will need to touch up walls with paint. Please ask tomorrow if we can get access to the cans of paint for the walls. The space will also need to be cleaned up. The Port plans to do some heavy cleaning, but we will need to follow this up with our own fine tuning.
  7. We also need a plan for how we are moving 23 iMacs, five mobile device stands, and all of the other equipment to Terminal One on March 1. We also need to know whom among you will show up to help that week. The shows opens on Friday at 10 a.m. This means everything needs to be ready the night before.

Also, I want to thank all of your who got your research completed on time and done so very well! Learning how to conduct independent research is an important aspect of college, yes. But many of you will find out that you will be required in your jobs to do some sort of research. If you did not turn in your research or did it poorly, I have written you a personal note asking you to get busy:)


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