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banner-art-locMany people and organizations have made this research possible.

Any “thank you” has to begin with our colleague Susan Garfinkel, Research Specialist in the Digital Reference Section, CALM Division at the Library of Congress, whose vision and talent led to our involvement in this Showcase that explores new forms of electronic literature. We appreciate the patience and generosity of spirit she has shown the two of us.  Because of her and her digitally-minded colleagues, we have had the chance to work with the Library of Congress, an experience scholars only dream of.  It was Susan who has given us this opportunity, and we thank her with all of our hearts.

We also thank the members of the Digital Reference Section, CALM Division for its hard work and logistical support in bringing us to the Library, and the Library of Congress itself for hosting us and sharing its vast and rich resources with us.  Being able to work with the Library’s rare book collections through its Rare Book and Special Collections Division allows us to explore relationships between printed work and electronic literature, helping to build humanities scholarship and take it into the digital world in a mindful way.  It also goes far to demonstrate that electronic literature is a natural outgrowth of literary expression and experimentation. We also thank staff of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and the Office of Special Events and Public Programs for their generous assistance.

Without the ongoing support of the Washington State University System we would not have been able to undertake this research financially.  Seeding us was the Meyer Award that Dene received from system-wide College of Arts and Sciences in the spring 2012. This funding supported travel for two undergraduates serving as technical support and docent at the event, a curatorial assistant, and Dene’s travel.  Additional travel funding from the Vancouver campus provided Dene the opportunity for a Site Visit in September that allowed us to make decisions about space for the exhibit.  The Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver (ASWSUV) awarded funding for accommodations for the six additional undergraduate docents while they worked at the event.  This grant was written by our student, Setareh Alizadeh.  The College of Arts and Sciences at the Vancouver campus provided Dene with funding that allowed us to lease the iMacs used in the exhibit.

The local Vancouver community is also supportive of our endeavors. Local artist and patroness of Dene’s academic program, Anne John, donated money needed for flights for the six undergraduates to D.C. Anne is also a WSU alumna.

Dene’s colleagues in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program have been extremely supportive of her research through the years.  She thanks them for covering classes for her while she curates the showcase and for providing critical suggestions for its execution.  Jesse Stommel and Meg Roland, of Marylhurst University’s Digital Humanities and English Department in Portland, OR, supported creation of a new project-based class that funded Kathi to guide students in the creation of a social media campaign to promote the Showcase.

We need to acknowledge the ongoing support of Karin Bagnall, Rosemary Feal, and Marybeth Kraus of the Modern Language Association who invited us to exhibit at the convention held in 2012 in Seattle.  It was out of the MLA exhibit that the Library of Congress event was born. Without their vision, this exhibit would not have occurred. We also thank our colleague Amanda French, Research Assistant Professor and THATCamp Coordinator at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media  at George Mason University, who introduced us to Susan Garfinkel.

Lake Oswego Public Library donated all books for the Marylhurst students’ spine poetry project.

Most importantly, we thank our students and alums who have served in integral research roles in our work.  Since the MLA 2012 they have assisted both us in significant ways in our curatorial endeavors.  We would like to recognize them here:

Dene’s Assistants & Docents from The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver:
Kerri Lingo, (Alum), Curators’ Assistant
Greg Philbrook, Senior, Technical Support
Setareh Alizadeh, Senior, Docent
Nicole Buckner, Senior, Docent
Evan Flanagan, Junior, Docent
Morgan Hutchinson, Senior, Docent
Jason Lee, Junior, Docent
Gary Nasca, Senior, Docent
Amalia Vacca, Junior, Docent

Kathi’s Marylhurst University student social media team:
Lans Nelson
Carrie Padian
Ken Schultz
Jessica Zisa

The logo we are using for this archival site was designed by Laurel Wilson, also a student from The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver.