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Jennifer T. Ley

leyJennifer Ley’s early web hypertexts and electronic literary pieces have been published and performed in locations real and virtual including the Guggenheim Museum, SIGGRAPH, New Media Poetry, Aesthetics, Institutions and Audiences at the Univeristy of Iowa, as a guest artist for SUNY Buffalo’s Poetics Program, as well as in a wide variety of online literary journals and gallery settings.

She was an early champion of the web as platform for poetic and literary expression and the founder of the online poetry site The Astrophysicist’s Tango Partner Speaks (www.heelstone.com) and the electronic literary magazine Riding the Meridan (www.heelstone.com/meridian).

To learn more about Jennifer’s work, visit: http://www.heelstone.com/resume

About The Body Politic


The Body Politic uses the mechanics of hypertext to pose questions both political and theoretical, physical and spiritual. Conceived at a time when filmic portrayals of the “net” showed characters literally diving into the medium, The Body Politic plays off the idea of surface word and thought and the layering hypertext made possible. As meaning can lie beneath the surface of a suite of works, so too does a reading foray into The Body Politic reveal what dwells beneath dermis, sinew and bone. You’re even invited to come up for air when things get a bit too bloody …