New Job Postings, 7/30

Here are some cool jobs for CMDC Students. Let me know if you plan to apply for any of them:

2. National Psoriasis Foundation (Portland) is hiring a Content Strategist. Salary: DOE.

4. SEIU 503 (Salem) is hiring an Information Systems Support Technician. Salary: $3,400-$5,200/month.

8. Swift Collective (Portland) is hiring a Writer. Salary: DOE.

10. Swift Collective (Portland) is hiring a Digital Community Manager. Salary: DOE.

13. Oregon College of Art and Craft (Portland) is hiring a Marketing & Communications Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

15. Special Mobility Services (Eugene) is hiring a Transportation Call Center Manager. Salary: $3,625-$4,000/month.

16. Community Energy Project (Portland) is hiring a Community Educator, Weatherization Workshop Program. Salary: $10-$12/hr.

17. The Oregon Idea (Portland) is hiring an Executive Director. Salary: DOE.

18. Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest (Portland) is hiring a Recruitment and Marketing Manager. Salary: DOE.

19. Common Cause Oregon (Portland) is hiring an Executive Director. Salary: DOE.

20. All Hands Raised (Portland) is hiring a Vice President, Strategic Planning. Salary: DOE.

21. Drive Oregon (Portland) is hiring a Program Manager. Salary: $30,000-$35,000.

29. Kaiser Permanente Northwest (Portland) is hiring a Director of Creative Services. Salary: DOE.

31. Oregon Zoo – Metro (Portland) is hiring an Associate Visual Communications Designer. Salary: $50,000-$67,000.

33. Little Green Pickle (Portland) is hiring a Publicist. Salary: DOE.

42. Northwest Food Processors Association (Portland) is hiring a Marketing and Communications Director. Salary: DOE.

44. Economic Fairness Oregon (Portland) is hiring a Communications Director. Salary: $4,500-$5,000/month.

52. OHSU Foundation (Portland) is hiring a Data Coordinator. Salary: DOE.