Faculty team members include Dene Grigar and Brett Oppegaard, creators of the Fort Vancouver Mobile Project––a digital humanities based project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities; John Barber, usability expert and the creator of Brautigan.Net:  Bibliography and Archive for the Writings and Life of Richard Brautigan; Will Luers, former Vectors participant and author of the Father Divine Project; Nicholas Schiller, a specialist in information architecture and information retrieval; Brenda Grell, a specialist in animation and video production; and Greg Philbrook, instructional assistant for The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program.

DENE GRIGAR, PhD; CMDC Program Director
Specialties: Emergent technologies and cognition, electronic literature, ephemera
Courses: DTC 497 Senior CapstoneDTC 375 Language, Texts, and TechnologyDTC 338 Curating Multimedia Exhibits & ArchivesDTC 354 Digital StorytellingFA 434 Time-Based Media
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JOHN F. BARBER, PhD, Rhetoric & Linguistics
Specialties: Database and archival narratives, usability and interface design, information architecture, professional and technical communications, mobile narratives, sound art performance, digital project management
Courses: DTC 478 Usability and Interface DesignDTC 355 Multimedia AuthoringDTC 336 Composition and DesignDTC 338 Visual Culture;DTC 338 Electronic Archiving and CuratingDTC 476 Digital Literacies
Contact Information:
Personal websiteBrautigan Bibliography and ArchiveThe Brautigan LibraryBlog

BRENDA GRELL, MFA; Digital + Media
Specialties: Animation, Robotics, & Video
Course: DTC 335 Digital Animation, DTC 336 Design & Composition, DTC 101 Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture
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Specialties: Video, locative art, web design
Courses: DTC 477 Advanced Multimedia AuthoringDTC 338 Special Topics: “Remix Culture”DTC 355 Multimedia Design; DTC 375 Language, Text, and Technology
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BRETT OPPEGAARD, PhD; Technical Communication
Specialties: Mobile media, new journalism, electronic communication, narrative nonfiction, ethics, publication management, professional writing.
Courses: Comm 295, DTC 354 Digital StorytellingDTC 375 Language, Text, and Technology; Electronic Information; Information Ethics
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Specialties: Information literacy, information ethics, video and computer games
Courses: DTC 356 Electronic Research
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GREG PHILBROOK, CMDC Tech and Research Assistant
Specialties: Website coding and design, video production, multimedia design
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