Welcome to Documenting Born Digital Works

March 19, 2017 - Info

“Documentation is proof of a work’s evolution.” –Annet Dekker

This course starts with the premise that there is a very specific way needed to document born-digital creative and scholarly works. It does so by drawing uponĀ a number of theories, such as N. Katherine Hayles’ Media-Specific Analysis (MSA) and Francisco Varela et al’s embodiment theory, as well asĀ digital texture studies, media studies, performance studies, and contemporary curatorial and archival practices. It combines a seminar style discussion with hands-on practice that aims to make it possible for participants to engage in the documentation of digital texts of their own. Participants are encouraged to bring their own works to document or choose among many provided by the instructors. By the end of the work, participants will have learned the modes and methods for documenting born digital works and produced an online, open source book that holds the contents of their documentation endeavors.