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Here are the groups for the documentation projects we will do starting Wednesday: Group 1: Student Essay/Game Shannon Becca Alanna Group 2: Loss Sets Julia [...]
Notes for Day 2 Readings
Day 2 Theme: Documentation Modes & Methods for Access & Study Morning focus: Affordances and constraints of various modes of documentation Reading [...]
Notes for Day One Readings
Underpinning the course is the idea that writing / creating / coding / reciting / citing any work is an act of documentation. It suggests that [...]
Our Colloquium Presenter
Course participant Jasmine Mulliken will be participating in the DHSI Colloquium on Wednesday, June 14 on the topic of “Advocating, Legitimizing, and [...]
Only Two Seats Left in Our Course
Our course, listed as #46 in the DHSI schedule has only two seats left. If you know of anyone interested in it, have them contact me directly for information.
ELL, a Documentation Lab
The Electronic Literature Lab, located at Washington State University Vancouver, is built on the collection mode of preservation. It contains 60 vintage [...]
Welcome to Documenting Born Digital Works
“Documentation is proof of a work’s evolution.” –Annet Dekker This course starts with the premise that there is a very specific way [...]