Modern Data

My favorite book right now is my WSUV Student Activities Board notebook. While it’s not a book of someone else’s authorship, it’s the book that I have that’s most prevalent in my life at this current moment. I use this book over any other notebook completely because of it’s design. There are cheaper options that I could use and there are more expensive items I have already purchase, with that said, it was a free notebook and to me I didn’t think it would be this special to me until I started using it. 

The book as a product is 100% recyclable. The creators that created this product have carefully thought about convenience, portability, and features. They have provided an organized array of sticky notes that vary in sizes from large and standard to the small tabbed sticky notes to mark places within it, and these are precisely organized and attached to the inside of the cover. This notebook comes with a pen made of durable paper that has it’s own restic place within the magnetic latch. It is a hardback combed notebook, which to me functions better than spiral bindings. 

I use this notebook to keep track of all tasks and I reference it daily. The portability is important and while I have larger notebooks and others of the same size, this notebook has the capability to close in on itself with a magnetic latch and allows itself to protect the contents from the elements. It’s very light weight and has everything I need to maintain personal data in an analog method. It’s a tablet and scribe when it boils down to it. I create its content, I fill it with data that is important to me. It absolutely is still the traditional and modern codex.

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