Favorite Book

I actually decided to share two of my favorite books as I’m not sure if my first one would count.

A sketchbook covered in stickers and adorning a charm.
Log book

The first book I have chosen to be my favorite is actually my log book. This book is simply a sketchbook I bought and transformed to be a book full of memories and adventures I have been on. From concerts, to picnics, movies, and more, each page is custom and never the same. It’s full of drawings, writings, stickers, photos, receipts, tickets, and so much more.

Pages of log book. Contains photos, deco paper, blurred out writing.
Contents of log book.

This book is special to me because it contains my personal memories and thoughts that I wish to cherish. It’s unique because it’s created specifically for me and so it is one of a kind. Since I put so much time into each page and overall thoughts, I will say it’s the contents, design, and personal narrative that means so much to me. It’s very much alive in my imagination even though it’s a non-living thing because it contains my memories and proof that I am a living being experiencing feelings and memories.

Korea: A Sensory Journey

The second book I wanted to add is a photography book, the one I am sharing is called Korea: A Sensory Journey with photographs by Marc Verin and text by David A. Mason and Ji Eun Park.

Poem followed by an image
The water reflects a shadow;
A monk is crossing the bridge.
Wait a moment, monk;
Can I ask where you’re going?
He points his staff at the clouds,
And walks on without looking back.

This book explores South Korea through mainly photographs with poetry and short text as support.

I chose this book because photography is one of my passions and I aspire to create my own photography/art book to release and share with others. This photography book is actually one of the first ones I bought and I have so many more from Hawaii, to Canada, and even the PNW. 

This book is special to me especially through its design. It really opened my eyes to a passion (photography) I didn’t realize I had and I didn’t know there were photography books that also carried literary art.

This book (mostly photography books in general) is alive in my imagination even though it’s a non-living thing because I realize that these photographs and poetry captions were created by a specific person through their specific lens. I’m able to see how they view the world through visual arts as well as see the world in a different lens.

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