“A sequence of spaces” 

“A book is not a case of words, nor a bag of words, nor a bearer of words.” – Ulises Carrion (1941-1989)

When we think of The Book’s future, as society and technology progress, our codex has evolved with us as an important tool. More than a tool. At this point, we can look at The Book as every form of media that conveys all forms of information. It is entertainment, it is expressive, it is instructional, and it is the present, the past, and the future. We’ve already reached mostly all physical senses in terms of recreating The Book. With cinema, VR, AR, Audio and e-books, art books, and anti-books you’d think we’ve hit a threshold. So what of Digital Publishing? Most recently we’ve come up with NFTs and NFTs are being produced in volumes and contain data, however, NFTs are a new format of publication that has only come about recently. The more methods of data storage we develop the more innovative we become and what we can build upon. Let’s take AR technology into account, supposedly we are able to drift away from VR technology, META has already introduced the school of thought to bring a virtual environment in place of the classroom. Why not flip the script? The codex is a tactile experience that allows us to interact with it and reference our lives. In an AR environment, we replace all whiteboards, all projectors, all screens, and text with interactive holograms so that we can explore data in a three-dimensional space. If we can recreate history such as Michael Jackson and Tupac through holographic concerts. We can certainly explore this technology for use at the consumer level that allows everyday people to maintain and create their own records of The Book,

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