August 30th Blog Post

For the book that I enjoy the most, it would be “I’m Not Leaving” by Carl Wilkens which was published in 2011. It is based on the author’s experience of what happened as an American in 1994 during the Rwanda genocide as he stayed there in order to keep those who could not leave Rwanda safe from the Genocide. The book explains Wilken’s experience of deciding to stay while his family left for safety then to what he did to help the people of both sides of the Genocide with it ending with him being back with his family.

I'm Not Leaving (Short 2014) - IMDbCarl Wilkens and his wife Teresa Wilkens

This book touched me a lot when I first read it because I felt like I was there experiencing it with Wilkens. Even if some parts of the story were hard to read due to how it occurs during a genocide, it helped me see that one person’s decisions can make a difference no matter how big or small it might be. It also tells how that even though the two groups of Rwandans could have been neighbors for years, they could feel resentment with one another that could lead to bloodshed. The last thing is that this was not a made up story, it actually happened and it impacted me because sometimes historians try to make the past seem all fun even with wars and genocides. This book shows all the bad that happens and how it hurt so many people including Wilkens.

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