Future of the Book – Thea Hieronymus

“Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book”

-Stéphane Mallarmé

“The Book, Spiritual Instrument”

Digital publishing is taking over traditional publishing. Digital publishing offers a lot of advantages. It allows publishers to reach readers all over the globe. Digital publishing leads to greater opportunities for them. It is safe to say that digital publishing is the present and the future of publishing.

But the idea of holding an actual book and reading it and processing it vs reading it on a screen just has a different effect. My whole life I have never been much into books, but when I do find one I like a hard physical copy has always been my way to go. I didn’t realize until recently that it makes things easier to have it on my phone, tablet, or laptop to just glance and read whenever I choose.

“The book will not become obsolete with new reading platforms, but rather, will change and develop new incarnations and relationships; it will continue to serve certain kinds of literacy needs and literacy desires – specifically, those related to its book-bound physically and potentiality”

– Jessica Pressman

“The Aesthetic Of Bookisgness In Twenty-First Century Literature”

A book will always be a book, but they way it is taken in wether digitally or physically will create a different effect to the reader/viewer.

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