September 6th Blog Post

“A book, in its purest form, is a phenomenon of space and time and dimensionality that is unique unto itself. When we turn the page, the previous page passes into our past and we are confronted by a new world” – Dick Higgins, “A Book”

Each “book” is unique in its own way with how it is made for every story that is told. That “book” could be through a certain format with how they should be told, how they can be move forward, and how they should be viewed. There are many forms that a “book” can be told through with examples being movies, physical books, digital books, video games, VR and AR. As we move forward within the “books” through their own story structure, we explore that “book’s” space/time area within that specific “book”. The “book” becomes a part of our experience as we move forward within that story: it’s past becomes our past as we explore its world the more we dive deeper within that story. The more “books” that are within the digital databases, the higher the chances that those “books” will be able to keep those worlds and their space/time within the culture and be able to mixed with the next generation’s future. Not only that, more “books” will be able to become part of that space/time area and it will keep expanding as those “books” are created and put into the digital database. So as long as we keep putting these “books” within the digital database, the more that we are able to explore the new worlds those “books” bring along with them.

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