Blog 9/13

The post-artifact system is a system that is still trying to figure itself out, it is ever evolving. In my opinion it’s hard to keep up with. A new technology is seemingly released monthly that can revolutionize the book and digital publishing. We’re also in a phase where every ecosystem has its own file type that can’t be used in other ecosystems. Is this going to be like CD’s and DVD’s beating out their competition, or will the users have to constantly check if what they’re buying will work with what they’ve got?


It’s hard to truly understand the importance that the web has provided when you’ve always had access to it. I remember growing up, most houses I would visit would have a collection of encyclopedias. It was one of the only reliable ways to get information quickly. You could also go to the library, but that’s time consuming. It takes little effort to find the same information nowadays. We’re spoiled beyond belief when it comes to readily available information. An example is when you are assigned a research paper. Not only does this university have access to a large physical and digital library, it also has access to tons of other libraries as well. This creates a network where I rarely need to enter a library in order to find effective sources for my research.

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