Post-Artifact Content is Everywhere

“It’s the system that transforms the book from isolated vessel for text into a shared interface” (Mod).

Mod’s ideas about post-artifact books and publishing are interesting, if not a bit hard to digest. What stood out to me was his description of post-artifact publishing and how marginalia are essentially side notes and thoughts (Mod). I didn’t truly grasp what he meant until I reviewed the text, but marginalia really is similar to how many people can interact with and view content online. It’s as he said, “a shared interface” (Mod).

When I was younger, I grew up with technology within arms reach. I spent a lot of time on the computer, both for video games, videos, news, and stories. I would consume more media digitally than physically as it was easier and faster to access. Some websites I would go to shared content or information and allowed user discussion, such as online news sites or story-sharing sites. As I understand it, these are examples of that shared interface. Mod further said, “Digital marginalia is a collective conversation, cumulative stratum” (Mod). This correlates with the websites I mentioned in that people can discuss things they read online with other readers. They can give reviews, highlight sections of interest, theorize, and otherwise talk with each other.

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