Post-Artifact System Thoughts

Craig Mod reveals that the post-artifact system is a system that turns books from a secluded vessel for holding the work inside to something that can be looked into through other peoples. That, is Mod’s words, it is “A system of unlocking. A system concerned with engagement. Sharing. Marginalia. Ownership. Community. And, of course, reading.” For books people enjoy reading, they can highlight parts that they enjoy reading or something that catches their eye during the reading and can discuss with other people. Not only for books, but for other works as well, such as magazines and blog posts.

For me when it comes to the web as a main source for information only, it was always easy to get to and hear other people’s responses to how to find an answer to a question that I was having trouble for. If I just wanted to go for entertainment, Youtube has a lot of content created by other people where they can get feedback by those who watch their content and try to figure out how to improve it in the future to make it better. Also, some different YouTubers are in certain communities where they would do collaborations with one another and connect their followers. Another thing if I wanted to connect to other people, there are many social media platforms that I can connect with others and share things with others such as ides that I have or funny things that have happened during that week. The web helps everyone connect to one another and allows everyone to share ideas and new connections with new people.

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