the e-pen is not mightier than the sword

While modern publishing provides the convenience of revision and delivers ideas to the masses at an instance, growing up alongside the internet and technology hasn’t always been as convenient as this essay says to be. Yes, we do have scholarly journals at our fingertips and information is as accessible as asking for it, however, when it comes to publication for students, we still have the shuffle of finding textbooks for the right price every semester. Paperback and hardback novels are still thriving in the modern day. It comes at a premium to get print and resources.

With CGI improving and hardware development accelerating year by year, digital storytelling and modern media become a fairytale turn to life. Technology has grown exponentially faster than we as a society could have foreseen. It’s important to take an introspective look for we as developers have become so adaptable and keep finding ways to ingrain uses for pocket-sized supercomputers. But still, when it comes to organization and record keeping, what remains constant is ink and paper. In terms of digital organization, it’s an extra step to maintain digital formats, this is just another example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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