The Post Artifact

In “Post-Artifact Book” Craig Mod discusses the evolution of the writing process. The internet brought with it a way for authors to bypass publishers and created a direct connection to the reader. With this connection, writers are now able to engage with the reader during the writing process. This can significantly affect the books direction as the author can see, in real time, what the reader is interested in and what needs to be cut out. Craig Mod also discusses the future of sharing our personal marginalia on any book with any person. “We give form to our private telepathy through marginalia — marks, highlights, notes in the margins.” This would allow for further interaction with the book, eventually resulting and in a whole new idea. When I was growing up, the internet was still a new thing. My family only had one computer, so I didn’t really use it for much other than games or stories on floppy disks. Once I entered middle school and had to do more in-depth projects for school, I would utilize the internet for research on whichever topic I was covering. Once Myspace exploded, information began to be pasted via social media. Now we can share almost anything with anyone instantly. 

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