Reapers and Ravens, Sept. 20 Blog Post

There Is A Reaper… by Charles V. De Vet.

The first story I chose intrigued me by its title. The main storyline goes that a man is desperate to know what the afterlife is like as he is terminally ill, so he poisons another man to find out the truth. In conversing with the nearly dead man, our character finds that the man is waiting for something on the other side: him. The shock at the end of the story gripped me, which I think would suit our publication.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Raven is a classic poem by Poe, and one that I imagine would fit perfectly in a halloween-themed publication. It tells the story of a man who grieves someone close to him named Lenore, and the reader can assume she is dead. He hears a sound that he thought might be Lenore, but he finds it’s a raven. Throughout the poem, he converses and argues with the raven, sometimes about Lenore, who only says “nevermore.”

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