Spooky Stories

My first story is “The Night Wire” by H.F. Arnold and it is about two men with one named John Morgan and an unnamed character. Both of them are on a radio show that talks about unfortunate events that happen all around the world. One late night, a story about a town called Xebico being taken in a humungous fog and Morgan starts to tell about it while getting more uneasy the more he read about it. However, it wasn’t broadcasting and when the unnamed character tries to tell Morgan, he was dead. The unnamed character decided to stop doing this and Morgan’s death remained a mystery.


My second story is “There is a Reaper” by Charles V. De Vet and it is about a man who is told that he has a limited time left until he dies. The man then wonders what it is like to dye, so he picks a homeless man to tell him. He put poison in a drink and gave it to him and starts asking him what it feel like dying with the homeless man telling how it feels. Before the homeless man dies the man then asks what he is waiting for with him answering that the homeless man is waiting for him.


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