Gutenberg Children’s Stories

Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book

By Howard R. Garis

Story 1: Uncle Wiggily’s Toothache

This story follows a little boy named Sonny who is experiencing a toothache and doesn’t want anyone to interfere with it. Sonny’s mother and grandmother try convincing him to go to the dentist but Sonny denies their request. As Sonny is shouting at his Mother about the dentist, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a rabbit dressed in a suit, comes walking by their house. Uncle Wiggily hears the commotion and thinks up a plan to convince Sonny to listen to his Mother. Uncle Wiggily decides to fake a tooth pulling to show Sonny how easy it is and motivate him to go to the dentist. With the help of Dr. Possum, Uncle Wiggily faked getting his tooth pulled out and then began to dance with joy. Sonny, who had watched the whole thing, decided that he will go tot he dentist after all. 



Mother West Wind “Why” Stories 

By Thornton W. Burgess

Story 1: Why Striped Chipmunk is Proud of His Stripes

This story talks about Little Mr. Chipmunk and how he go his stripes. Mr. Chipmunk was always busy and kept to himself. One day he noticed his neighbor, Mr. Meadow Mouse, was being stalked by Mr. Bob Cat. Worried for his friend’s life, Mr. Chipmunk began yelling at Mr. Bobcat as a means of distracting him away from Mr. Meadow Mouse. Enraged by his name calling, Mr. Bobcat went after Mr. Chipmunk. Mr. Chipmunk quickly hid in a small hole in an old stump. The hole was too small for Mr. Bobcat to get into so you dug his claws inside to try and find him. Mr. Bobcats sharp claws tore Mr. Chipmunks coat but missed his body. Eventually Mr. Bobcat gave up and left. Later that fall, Old Mother Nature presented Mr. Chipmunk with a new coat only this time it had stripes of honor, representing the claw marks from Mr. Bobcat. And that’s how Chipmunks got their strips.  

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