Multimodal Publishing Post

In my case, screen reading has multimedia aspects and hyperlinks with if there is like a word that I do not understand, I can easily look it up and learn more about it. For the many readings that I have to do for school, some have ways for me to end up going a little off topic and accidentally read something different from the main topic rather that a book where I just keep moving forward in the book.

For reading habits they have somewhat stayed the same with me reading with a few skims around where I read. If I enjoy the content of the story then I would take more time reading it and dive deeply into it. It does not usually matter if it is online or book form if I want to read it, but if I cannot enjoy the story then I do more skimming than usual. For online reading it is more on the skimming than reading so that would be the biggest difference of the story. While for school reading my habits just like what Hayles said about schools in her paper, “Educational institutions have specialized in these environments, combining such resources as quiet with an assigned task that demands deep attention to complete successfully.” Schools taught me how to find certain information and giving me good resources to find things for research. I do also like images in my readings because they usually help me understand what I am reading and puts the words into a visual perspective.

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