The Death of Poe, the public domain publication project

The Death of Poe, an e-pub.

The people in my group are: Benjamin Peterson, Devon Baxter, Jianys Berrios, Rich Te, and myself (Jessica Unruh). Together we worked to compile our collection of stories that we centered around Edgar Allan Poe. It was influenced by the initial halloween theme we were discussing. In our publication are three stories, one poem, and a story with a poem. Each person contributed their own entry into the anthology; I added Poe’s poem “The Raven.” From there, we collectively decided on the story placement, and discussed different ideas on what to include in the front matter, what our title should be, and our publishing group name.

Images and typography in my version of the publication leans toward a more abstract or surreal nature. My font choices are meant to be read easily without losing a sense of style. The images are meant to stimulate the imagination of people who read the stories. That said, I unfortunately could not get my images to show correctly on Apple’s Books. They show fine in other e-pub readers, however.

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