The Death of Poe, a Short Story Collection Ebook


The Death of Poe

The people that contributed in my group were Devon Baxter, Jessica Unruh, Jianys Berrios, Rich Te, as well as myself. The process for collaborating ended up being pretty straightforward and simple. We shared a collaborative Google Doc, copy and pasted the story into the document, and added the heading tags to the titles of each story. We also worked on the content before the short stories, such as the publication info as well as the dedication page. From there, everyone went their separate ways, creating a copy of the master document for their version of the project.

On my own, I edited the format of the Google Doc, and continued with the process of converting the document to the finished product Epub file. Along the road, I used Dream Studio Beta and Stable Diffusion to create the base image for the cover, as well as all the artwork of the five stories. For the cover, I simply added some text that I thought looked appropriate and exported it as a jpeg. The more technical process was editing the css and html in sublime as you’re approaching the final version of the Epub file. I aligned all the headings to the center, as well as the images. For The Raven, I classified all the paragraph tags under class=”raven” so that I could adjust the left padding to make the text more towards the center of the page. Other than some font size changes, there wasn’t much more than that. I also decided to go with Times New Roman as the font, since it’s a classic, old-feeling font, and also because I felt like if I chose a different font I would have to work on the styling much more to make it formatted well.

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