Design and Content of Multimodal Project

“To understand something, is to understand the structure of which it is a part and/or the elements
forming the structure that that something is.
A book consists of various elements, one of which might be a text” (Carrion, 5).

For my group’s multimodal project, we want to put an emphasis on how language and text developed. All stages of this process have a connection and there is a reason why sound progressed to language, which progressed to the alphabet and writing. The quote above reminds me of this process and how every element has a structure. The structures and elements are all connected in some way or another.

While the reading focuses on book and text, our project will incorporate what came before that, acoustic and speech space. Our project will of course use text to relay our information, but it will also incorporate moving visuals and sound. A combination of sound, speech, visuals, and text will work together with our design to portray the information. Just like how these elements work together, the spaces we will be talking about work with one another. Each space leads to another, and there are elements in each that relate to each other. Acoustic space relates to speech because of the sounds people make to speak. The alphabet relates to acoustic because it is the sounds of words written out. Putting the alphabet together creates writing, and using sound with writing creates speech. The design of our project should also reflect this concept, with elements all connecting to each other.

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