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The quote I chose to use is the second sentence in The Language section of the reading:

The starting point of the transmission of mental images is always an intention: we speak to transmit a particular image“.

This quote can be use to describe different languages interact with one another. Each language wants to create their own image of what they see in their own context for others to understand. Coding html is similar to language with the difference being it is a typing format. Learning a new language is always scary at first due to not knowing what the language it is saying just like html. Once someone starts to learn the language they start to get better and better until they can speak it fluently.

For the group project I would like our group to approach the project in this matter: coding in html is scary at first and can be crazy once you see the whole code. However, once someone starts to learn all the coding rules, then it starts to get easier and you get better and better as you keep keep practicing and learning new things. The story would start with someone scared and freaking out because they do not understand how to code in html. As the story progresses, the character will start to get more confident and at the end of the story the character will be full of confidence and ready to start coding in html for real. It is easier to take a language you know and compare to another language to help learn which is what html does with some of its “commands” to make a webpage come to life. This actually made it a lot easier for me to understand how coding works and how to write it myself. I may accidentally forget something here or there about what I need to write, but I just end up figuring it out again.

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