New Art of Making Books

“This is not to say that a text is poetry because it uses space in this or that way, but that using space is a characteristic of written poetry.” (Carrión) 

The space in which our story interacts plays a pivotal role in how the audience understands the hero’s journey. It will navigate in such a way as climbing a hill and then falling off a cliff. When we learn a new coding language, there is inevitably a mental block that someone must fight through. That block causes long pauses in practice time. It is likely hard to get back to where you were before. The phrase rings true. Use it or lose it. The road traveled is often narrow, rocky, and full of bugs. No pun intended. For the media design, ASCii often uses spaces in between characters that illustrate pictures. Emerging in the late 1970’s early 80s with bulletin board systems. These pictures are somewhat poetry in a sense built around 128 perfectly monospaced characters. 

Ascii art of Marshall McLuhan
by Jessica Grubbs

The “space” is also in the way the character falls about into code blocks in almost a comic book fashion. The journey of a self-taught programmer moves in a sequence of common events that likely happen from the fear of coding or just the burnout. From HTML and CSS to JavaScript and its many frameworks, once a programmer sticks to their goals and puts in the umpteen hours of practice, will it finally click. This sequence of spaces turned into events will illustrate the feelings programming students all come to face.  

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