Psychology in Seattle Podcast

I do not listen to many podcasts, but one that I have consistently found interesting is Psychology in Seattle. Dr. Kirk Honda is a psychotherapist and professor based in Seattle who hosts the podcast/Youtube channel. I find reality television entertaining, so what drew me to Dr. Honda’s channel is that he reviews reality television shows and gives his opinion on the people in the shows and situations.

Reality television is known for being very dramatic, so the concept of a therapist reviewing these somewhat outrageous shows drew me to his channel. I usually watch/listen while I am drawing when I do not have to deeply concentrate on something.

I think that his channel is effective because he discusses a topic that many people share an interest in while giving educational insight. He doesn’t dramatically change the format of his videos or set up from video to video, so it’s familiar and comfortable each time. It’s a simple setup in his home where he is just sitting in front of a camera, which makes the experience comfortable and entertaining.

I think that podcasts and audio-based videos are very useful, especially with people now being more multi taskers. Many people may not have the time to sit and watch something for a few hours, but they can enjoy listening to something entertaining while doing something else. This is an effective publishing format because it is convenient for those who listen to things. It’s easy to just put something on in the car without taking your attention off of the road, and you are still entertained. While cleaning or running errands it provides an easy way to keep people connected to their interests.

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