Favorite Podcast – Thea Hieronymus

My favorite podcast and one of the only podcasts I really like listening to is called “SHE” with Jordan Lee Dooley. I think that she produces really great content specifically towards women and more on the motivational and helpful side. I think the most effective thing about the main theme of the podcast is that Jordan has her “brand” already made from things outside of her podcast, as an author and a woman of faith. The topics really change weekly on her podcast which is really something I enjoy, there is rarely an episode with just her talking. In each episode, she brings in someone to talk on a new topic related to something women are interested in (for example “The Busy Womens Guide to Wellness). And any of the things she talks about solo are still just as good and as relevant to the other ones with guests.

I really like the idea of audio things. Whether that is a podcast, a video blog, or an audiobook. I think that we are always listening to things. I know that I personally cannot stand silence, it makes me nervous and uncomfortable, therefore I am always listing to something. As I’m typing this now I have “Gilmore Girls” running in the back, when I go to sleep I listen to classical panio-type music (yes, like the one babies listen to, to go to sleep), when I workout I listen to music and when I walk or hike I listen to a podcast. I think that because of how busy I am (and because I hate silence) this form of digital publishing is very effective. I think that a podcast is an effective digital publishing format because it is great for on-the-go and listening only. I don’t really sit and listen to podcasts I listen to them when I’m moving and doing something to fill the sound and I think that this make is effective for anyone else who might be like me.

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