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A podcast I like to listen to is The Brian Buffini Show by Brian Buffini that my dad introduced me to a while back. The majority of the podcast themes are about how to handle money while working and communicating with others. I felt like the podcast are helpful to me because they give good advice about communicating and interacting with other people. I do not listen to it often, but every now and then I will come back and I will listen to it.

I think that digital publishing through audio is a good way because  of how it allows the listeners to just listen and not have to look at any screen or a speaker. Sometimes someone would like to listen to something and does not want to have keep looking at a different direction. I know for me that there are times that I just want to listen to a story while I clean or do homework without getting distracted because of video aspect. Audio publishing work so well because they are designed for people to just listening and not watching. They can add sound effects and music while the listeners can use their imagination to fill in the visual aspect. Because they are designed for just listening, people can play them and can be doing a different task all together while listening into the podcast or audiobook. Overall, I cannot think of any thing that would make audio publishing bad.

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