Podcast – Ryan Doherty

I have not listened to a podcast so I listened to an episode of “This American Life”. The specific episode that I listened to was called “Family Dig”. The effective theme of this particular podcast is storytelling. The hosts are able to bring in different people, and have them tell stories. A narrator and music add the entertainment value and also help keep the audience engaged while the episode goes on. The people behind the podcast are also great at organizing the story in a way that is interesting and makes you want more. 


The podcast as a form of information and entertainment is top-tier. With how many people are on the go in the current era, it provides a way to be entertained or informed while you’re on the go. It’s easy enough to have a pair of earbuds or even just listen to it in your car during your commute. A lot of popular podcasts are also available “free” through services that many people already have. The first that comes to mind is Spotify. If you pay for a Spotify subscription you have access to tons of podcasts. Podcasts also allow people to multitask, which is what a large number of listeners do. You don’t need to be visually engaged with the medium so that allows the listener to drive, clean, or do homework while still engaging with the content.

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