True Crime and Crime Junkies – Audio and Video Publishing Blog Post

I primarily listen to one podcast on Spotify and it’s called Crime Junkie. It’s a true crime podcast that discusses recent and old murders, kidnappings, and otherwise missing people. They do deep research on each person they cover, and discuss different possibilities or events that led up to the event.

I have tried listening to different podcasts before, both in the true crime genre and outside it, and could never settle down on one besides Crime Junkie. The way they produce their episodes seems more professional and well-thought out compared to the others I tried. Their audio quality is good and they use atmospheric music in just the right spots to increase the feeling of mystery and horror. They cover the situation, walking through it bit by bit to unfold the story for the listener. They will sometimes interview people involved in the situation they’re covering, such as a victim’s family member or friend. At the end of their podcast, if a victim is still missing or there’s unknown aspects, they advocate for people to contact certain authorities or organizations if they have any information. All of these things combined create a well-produced podcast, at least in their case. As there aren’t any visual elements in the podcast, they have to focus on audio quality and how they present themselves and the situation.

Through Crime Junkies, I’ve discovered my love for watching and listening about true crime. I think it’s in part because I enjoy horror movies and stories, and there’s always an element of horror in true crime. It’s mysterious, scary, and morbidly interesting, especially since true crime is of course real.

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