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I don’t really listen to podcasts however, there is one that I check up on once a month. The Cali Death Podcast is a podcast where members from various death metal bands interview other death metal bands. I think this podcast is very popular among those interested in the musical genre. To be able to hear personal stories and band members perspective of their own music is highly interesting to me. The production value is fairly low as it seems to be more of a hobby than a full time job. Regardless, the content they create is informative and keeps my attention.

I think publishing podcasts is a great way to make a living, so long as there’s an audience for your content. Many people listen to podcasts on a daily basis. Podcasts make it possible for people to enjoy media while taking care of other tasks, since your eyes and hands are free. Everyone is always busy so podcasts seem like the most convenient way to take in media.

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