Design for Multimodal

My group’s multimodal project is heavily visual and audio based with text to explain these sections. The visuals themselves need to be designed in an engaging way, but making the text visually engaging is equally as important.

We can utilize typography, colors, and visuals for our multimodal project. Typography hierarchy “enhances the readability and usability of your content” (Oxford Digital). It will be essential for us to use different font sizes so certain information is marked as more important. This will be achieved using headers and subheaders to label which section is being shown. Font weight can also be important. In some instances, it will be appropriate to bold or italicize some words. It’s important to use these sparingly, because “they are tools for emphasis… if everything is emphasized, then nothing is emphasized” (Butterick). Other than font size and weight, we also might include different font families for headings versus paragraph text. This will make the text more visually interesting and help viewers distinguish what is a header and what is the main body text.

This project will be heavily visual with text to invoke deeper concentration, but the images and animations will tell most of the story. These visuals will most likely take up the whole page at one time and then when you scroll, text and more information will appear. The images and animations we use will tell the story first, and the text will be more in-depth and give a clearer explanation. Although we already have images to separate sections and text, we can use colors to emphasize certain words or indicate importance.

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