Ideas for The Multimodal Project – Thea Hieronymus

I’m in the “How To” project and our main elements are probably going to be text and images.

With focusing on CSS and design I would really like to see us use visual hierarchy using color. Color draws people in so it is very important to use the right color scheme for the project. It is very important for us to use color in the important information why are trying to produce. This includes highlighting things in potentially yellow or red if it matches.

When looking at Practical Typography I really wanted to look into text formatting and font recommendations that they provided. I think the way the text is laid out is very important for people when reading. Text size, format and layout, and font choice are very important. You don’t want to use a crazy font but also don’t stick with the basic one that everyone is using. For formation, I would like to be in a more F pattern where people read from left to right and top to bottom.

From here my group is going to discuss color and typography, and finalize our text before we really get to work on the design.

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