Funding Models
(November 1)

To Do This Week

Prepare the remaining chapters for multimodal project, including images. Convert to HTML, share with developers

Designers work on CSS Stylesheet and other graphic elements or illustrations. Share files with developers

Developers consolidate all files, share with group, check code

Copyeditors start editing

Class Notes

Publication funding Models:

  1. subscription
  2. open access publishing /grants
    Living Books About Life
  3. crowdfunding
    the she series
  4. NFT publishing
  5. Self Publishing


Multimodal Projects

  1. metadata
  2. twitter card validator / facebook cards
  3. about page: date, roles, publication information or statement
  4. screen captures – use text or take care with voice over
  5. gather project files and upload to the server, share urls on a blog post
  6. in-class, informal critique
  7. DTC Slack competition. 


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