March 28 Symbol, Index & Icon

To Do This Week

read: Symbol, Index, Icon

Blog Prompt:
After reading the short explanation of the terms symbol, index and icon, explore the four works below and choose one work to view/read in depth. In your blog post, reflect on the role of symbol, index and/or icon in the story’s presentation. How does the type of sign and /or system of signs, help in the narration or presentation of the story?  How might you use different types of signs in your own project?

CityFish, by J.R. Carpenter
Forever, by Alan Bigelow



Watch Video Narratives…



Twine Game: 57 North 



Twine Stories for Inspiration:


Final Project – 30%

The final project may be a significant reworking of a previous project  or a new idea and direction.  You may also work on a group project (maximum 3 per group) with my approval. The requirement for the final project is that you incorporate typographic, visual, hypermedia elements and that you work on story structure.

Final Project Rubric:

You get an A if your digital story…

  • demonstrates an understanding of narrative structure: plot, character development, recognition/reversal, twist ( kishotenketsu), climax/resolution, open database structures, etc.
  • considers typography as an expressive narrative element
  • uses design elements (imagery, color, type, layout) to create/support narrative context (genre, setting, character, backstory)
  • uses “closure” between images and between images and text to create interest and imaginative projection in the reader/user
  • has thoughtful interaction design (linear sequence-slides, comics panel layout, hypermedia/hyperlinks, branching structure, scroll etc.) with navigation that is clear, yet also in  support or integrated with the narrative purpose
  • is proof-read, checked for errors in grammar, spelling and code
  • has complete content and is finished
  • includes an artist statement with the blog post and/or in the work itself

a B if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in one of the above criteria

a C if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in two of the above criteria

an F if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in three of the above criteria


One-on-one Zoom meetings

Hypermedia Story – DUE April 11th

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