Grants & Support

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from Washington State University Vancouver in the way of early seed grants.

The Kinect Sensor, Falcon Game Controller, and iPad were purchased by a $1500 Undergraduate Equipment grant that Greg Philbrook and Ruth Stauffer were awarded in February 2013. This equipment provided them with the opportunity to develop the tools needed for the larger prooject.

Following the development of the tools, Dimitrov and Grigar were awarded, in April 2013, $4800 from the College of Arts and Sciences from its Research Award. These funds provided technical support and further development of Kinect Sensor to allow for integration with multimedia software.

A $5000 Meyer Award from the College came in May 2013 to Dimitrov and Grigar. These funds provided continued technical support and research assistance while the team integrates the technologies into one environment.

In May 2013, the university also awarded us $4800 from the WSUV Research Mini-Grant.

Pending are grants written to the Braitmeyer and Swigert Foundations.