Curlew Background Image


  • 1
    Three-Wall Projection for Live Performance

    This version requires a black box environment with access to three HD LCD projectors mounted from the ceiling. It is envisioned in this context as a spoken word performance augmented with video, music, and sound triggered by gestures made by the artist.

  • 2
    Single Monitor for Gallery Installations
    This version is instantiated as a triptych for a large monitor, 50" or above, with video framing the text of the poem, both of which are triggered by the motions of users interacting with the work. A version without Kinect is also available for gallery exhibits.

  • 3
    Web Environment for Tablets
    This version is the first of three interactive, multmedia short stories reconceived for the tablet environment and so can be provided to users following a live performance or archived on the gallery site following an installation.


  • Featured at the Electronic Literature Organization Festival from August 5-7, 2015 in Bergen, Norway
  • Debuted at the OLE .01 International Festival of Electronic Literature on October 8, 2014 at the Royal Palace of Naples, Naples, Italy. It was exhibited in the festival until October 31st, 2014
  • We gave a demo of the beta version of the single monitor installation at the 25th Anniversary Celebration at Washington State University Vancouver on Saturday, September 6, 2014, in the MOVE Lab.
  • The finished version of Kinect version of "Curlew" will be shown in Vancouver at Nouspace Gallery during the month of December 2014.


Curlew is an interactive, multimedia poem about one man's encounter with the forces of nature.

The narrative centers on Catsinas, a fisherman living alone in a makeshift shack on Curlew, one of several barrier islands in the Gulf Coast known as the Chandeleurs. Based on a true account, the story chronicles the man's futile attempt to save Curlew's shoreline to a storm's destruction of his adopted home.