Curlew Background Image


Poem, concept, multimedia design, and music by Dene Grigar

Dene has always imagined "Curlew" for performance and for multimedia contexts. While it could have been developed with the original GAMS motion-tracking system found in her MOVE Lab, the complexity of moving GAMS to other locations was not feasible. When Justin Love of Limbic Media introduced Dene and Greg to the Kinect System as a portable replacement for GAMS, she began to conceptualize "Curlew" for a three-wall projection for live performance. It has now been reconceived for a single large monitor for installations and the tablet environment for publication as an app-book.

Coding, programming, and physical computing by Greg Philbrook

To make Curlew work with Kinect, Greg created the poem as an HTML5, CSS3, JS website that progresses through keyboard events. This platform is fed those keyboard events through OSCulator, a lightweight program for manipulating open sound control (OSC) data. Greg did all of the logic work related to this step. Little Brother, a program created by Limbic Media which interprets Kinect data, is used to map Kinect gestures to the logic of OSCulator. Once again, Greg developed the strategy for this aspect of our art.

Videography by Troy Wayrynen

Troy worked for many years at the Columbian newspaper as its photographer and videographer. We met Troy when he was brought on to the Fort Vancouver Mobile project and did much of the video work for that project. With years of experience under his belt, he quickly understood what we were trying to achieve with "Curlew."

Soundscapes by John Barber

John specializes in audio drama and aural narrative. He directs Radio Nouspace, a web-based Internet radio station whose program content focuses on radio-audio drama, radio+sound art, and sound poetry and electronic literature. He is on faculty in the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver.

Voiceover by Kathleen Schultheis

Kathleen is a graduate of the Creative Media & Digital Culture program. She has worked for a long time in digital marketing but distinguished herself in the program as a project manager. She also came to our attention for voice work when we heard her give the opening speech at Research Showcase 2012.