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  • Photo of Dene Grigar
    Dene wrote the poem, developed the concept, produced the multimedia design, and composed the music for Curlew

    Dene began as a literary artist, publishing and performing poetry and short stories in literary magazines and café venues. Trained also in painting and music, she became interested in multimedia literature where digital images, sound, video, animation, and the written word produce new opportunities for creative expression. She has experimented with marrying digital literature with performance art, co-creating with Canadian artist Steve Gibson, the multimedia performance piece, When Ghosts Will Die. "Things of Day and Dreams" and "Rhapsody Room" both followed in 2007. The introduction of the iPhone that same year led to her interest in exploring mobile apps for storytelling and poetry. Fort Vancouver Mobile, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2011 and 2012, reflects this phase of her work. As a work of live performance aimed also for installation at galleries and an tablet for individual use, Curlew represents the culmination of two decades of thought and experimentation with digital media art and literature. You can see more of Dene's work at her website.

    Read her Artist Statement.

  • Photo of Greg Philbrook
    Greg served as coder for the project, and integrated the Kinect gaming peripheral.

    Greg is a graduate of the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program and now proudly works as the program's technical and instructional technician. In his time at the CMDC, he has worked on numerous coding projects such as Curlew. He developed the web game "Fort Vancouverville" for the Grand Emporium of the West app, led by Dene and Brett Oppegaard, and has exhibited electronic literature at the show, "Electronic Literature," held at the Modern Language Association's 2012 conference held in Seattle, Washington. He has also served as the technical support at exhibits curated by Dene at the Library of Congress, Electronic Literature Organization 2012 conference, and Digital Humanities Summer Institute of 2013 and 2014 in Victoria, Canada.

    Read his Artist Statement.