Support ELL

ELL is a research lab at a Research 1 public university, a 501 (c) 3 institution. While it receives some support from Washington State University Vancouver, the lab thrives on materials, funds, and labor provided by patrons who value the cultural history forged by artists and scholars of born-digital literature, art, and games. Join us in making born-digital works accessible for present and future generations of readers. Interested in supporting the Electronic Literature Lab's work? Contact Dene Grigar.

Support Us through Materials

You are invited to donate hardware and software so that we can maintain the resources needed to access and thus preserve born-digital media. We collect computing devices running a wide variety of operating systems, hardware affordances, and their peripherals, as well as many different versions of software as possible. We also collect game platforms and games.

Currently we are looking for a PC with a 5.25-inch floppy disk drive and early hypertext authoring systems.

Support Us through Funds

You are encouraged to support the lab by providing funds for the continued development and maintenance of the many projects we do. All members of the lad's team, and especially our student interns, are paid for their contributions.

Additionally, we pay for access to Vimeo for our Traverals and other videos, Conifer for maintaining our preservation activities for outmoded Flash works, and BlueHost for holding our archives. All donations are tax-deductible through the university's Foundation.

Support Us through Your Activities

You can also help by lending your expertise in born-digital media with researching works and augmenting metadata with verified information; helping with the development of videos, animations, visualizations, and images; and grant-writing.