Fear of Coding

Call to Adventure

Our story begins with our hero sitting at their computer. Blankly, they scroll through the menagerie of majors on the WSU Vancouver website. They have always liked science, but have an artist’s mind, so which to choose? Computer Science seems too bleak, Fine Arts too loose. Neither felt right. They simply want to create, and computers happen to be their medium of choice. They scroll up and down, nothing jumping out. Who made this website, anyways?

Hm. That's an interesting thought.

They navigate to the Digital Technology & Culture major. Front end development, huh? Coding, but with a visual outcome. Science and art melding together on a screen.

Their mind races with excitement. The possibilities are endless! Every company needs a website, so work would surely be available. Not only that, but they could create hobby sites, customize their favorite forums, learn more about the internet that they spend so much time on…

a photo of a computer ascii art

Courtney's Tip:

"When I start a new html, I start filling it in, getting my structure all set up and then save it. There have been times that I would forget how to save it, so I use one of my old html files to make sure that I am doing it right. Once I save it, I immediately check to see if my document is working by typing something random in and checking to see if it is working."

Jessica Grubbs' Tip:

"Don't forget your DOCTYPE declaration!"