Fear of Coding


All at once, like the clouds parting to reveal a chorus of angels, it makes sense. Within the light of W3Schools, the Grid beast shrinks. Its teeth seem quite a bit less sharp, its gaze less piercing. With just a few additional lines, our hero conquers the beast once and for all. Their elements lay in a neat grid before them.

Waves of relief. Pride. Joy. This is how it feels when a code works. A puzzle that's unfolded before them.

Our hero makes it through their first project. There will be many beasts to come, each more fearsome than the last, but the memory of this first victory bolsters our hero. There will always be typos, missing tags, and confusion. There may even be more grids to tackle. But, with patience, a fervent joy of web development, and the help of the internet, our hero will never crumble beneath their enemies.

a photo of a computer ascii art

Kylie's Tip:

"Coding can be extremely frustrating, but that makes it all the more rewarding. When you’re feeling discouraged, take deep breaths, make some tea, or go on a walk. Most importantly, remember your past successes! It’s cheesy, but it really does help. You’ve made it over countless challenges in the past, what’s one more?

I really do suggest keeping all of your code, no matter how rudimentary. Not only can it be a useful reference in the future, but it can also bolster your confidence. That first website you ever made? It’s probably not a masterpiece. But it exemplifies how far you have come.

Every coder struggles, but you’re strong enough to overcome any bug you face. You have grown so much, and you will continue to do so for the entirety of your career!"