Fear of Coding


Containers, elements, sections…it all begins to blur. Why are these blocks remaining in just one column? Their widths aren’t the same as they clutter the screen. Haphazard borders only worsen the effect.

The Professor attempts to help. Really, they do the best that they can. But it's not enough. This beast is too large. Grid rises like a great dragon before our hero, it's gaping maw prepared to eat them whole. Our hero now leaves office hours more dazed than confident.What's this about flex box? Margins? Padding?

The project deadline looms high above our hero. Suddenly it's 12, 1, 2 in the morning. Our hero seeks refuge in the last great oasis available: W3Schools.

So there’s containers, and sections with classes, each a grid element… click.

a photo of a computer ascii art

Jessica Unruh's Tip:

"Dive in, even if you’re scared or intimidated. It gets easier with time. Work on it a little every day. Start early so that if you run into problems, you have time to fix them. Look at it with a big-picture perspective. How is this supposed to work? What it it supposed to look like? Be prepared to spend more time on a project than you think you need. Take a small break and get a snack or drink. Walk away for a day or work on it tomorrow. Sometimes you need time away to get a fresh perspective. Get a rubber ducky—or any object—and explain to it how your website or program works. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor, mentor, or teacher when you get stuck; they’re there to help you. Google (or any search engine) is your best friend. Always search how to do something or why something isn’t working; the internet has a ton of resources.

Recommended Resources: W3Schools, MDN Web Docs, CSS-Tricks, Stack Overflow, YouTube"