Keegan Walden


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Keegan Walden is an undergrad student in Washington State University’s Digital Technology and Culture program. He enjoys 3D modeling and motion graphics, as well as 3D animation and web design. He is pursuing a major in Digital Technology and Culture, a minor in English, and certification in Game Studies and Design. He currently holds an Associate of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati.

He has experience with a myriad of industry standard software including:

Keegan is a skilled visual artist and writer. His university writing portfolio was completed with distinction, placing him in the top 10% of WSU students, and he consistently achieves the Honor Roll. He is a quick and dedicated learner and is looking forward to honing his 3D modeling skills through continued practice and work. He works well in groups and comfortably assumes a leadership role when needed.

Keegan holds a lifelong passion for video games and animated media. He hopes to someday take part in the creation of a video game and is interested in writing books for young readers. He also enjoys photography and is teaching himself how to use his DSLR in his free time.

Keegan lives in the pacific northwest with his significant other and their 3 cats.